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    Quiz CAF (14 Kids)

    Answer the questions honestly!
    14 kids in total, you can decide ages...

    DD1- First Name
    *What is your favorite drink?
    Coffee- Maya
    Milk- Willow
    Water- Carys
    Tea- Juliette
    Soda- Tamara
    Energy Drink- Ayla
    Juice- Aurora
    Smoothie- McKenna

    DD1- Middle Name
    *On average how many hours of sleep do you get a night?
    1 to 4- Emma
    5 to 6- Pallas
    7 to 8- Elaine
    9 to 10- Esther
    11 to 12- Marie
    13+- Sasha

    DD2- First Name
    *If you could get any of these as a gift which would you choose?
    Gift Cards- Noelle
    Books- Luna
    Concert Tickets- Eloise
    Cell Phone- Fiona
    Clothes- Quinn
    A Vacation- Auden
    Video Game System/Computer- Raina
    Shoes- Faith

    DD2- Middle Name
    *How many times a day do you pick up your phone?
    1 to 5- Alice
    6 to 10- Hanna
    11 to 15- Ariel
    16 to 20- Diamond
    20+- Isabelle
    I don't have a phone.- Hester

    DS1- First Name
    *What is your favorite kind of weather?
    Hot & Sunny- Riley
    Warm & Windy- Gabriel
    Cold & Sunny- Keagan
    Warm & Raining- Flynn
    Cold & Snowy- Oliver
    Warm & Sunny- Jude
    Cold & Stormy- Blake
    None of These- Cody

    DS1- Middle Name
    *What do you like to do in your free time?
    Shop- Robert
    Read- Levi
    Surf the Net- Thane
    Dance- Adam
    Sleep- River
    Baby Name Games- Elliott

    DD3- First Name
    *What is your favorite color?
    Red- Trinity
    Green- Briana
    Black- Carrigan
    Yellow- Margot
    Blue- Livia
    Purple- Evangeline
    Orange- Courtney
    White- Autumn

    DD3- Middle Name
    *What time do you go to bed?
    8 pm or Earlier- Rose
    9 to 10 pm- Sophia
    11 to 12 pm- Dagny
    1 to 2 am- Aria
    3 to 4 am- Morgana
    Later in the morning than 5am- Robin

    DD4- First Name
    *Which of these would be your dream job?
    Doctor/Nurse/Psychologist- Clara
    Author/Song Writer/Journalist- Hazel
    Model/Photographer/Fashion Designer- Layla
    Police Officer/Firefighter/EMT- Samara
    Stay at Home Parent/Nanny/Teacher- Astrid
    Actress/Comedian/New Anchor- Drusilla
    Painter/Video Gamer Designer/Sculptor- Wren
    Librarian/Anthropologist/Accountant- Delaney

    DD4- Middle Name
    *How many times do you eat out a month?
    None- Grace
    2 to 3- Juniper
    4 to 5- Athena
    6 to 7- Louisa
    8 to 9- Eleanor
    10+- Wednesday

    DD5-First Name
    *What is your favorite classic video game?
    Mario- Tayla
    Sonic- Magnolia
    Tetris- Dione
    Zelda- Sybil
    Donkey Kong- Harriet
    Mario Cart- Zipporah
    Final Fantasy- Adelaide
    I have not played any of these.- Cordelia

    DD5- Middle Name
    *What color is your sofa?
    Tan- Clover
    White- Audra
    Black- Josephine
    Green- Flannery
    Grey- Harlow
    None of these/ I don't have a sofa.- June

    DS2- First Name
    *What is your favorite kind of comfort food?
    Mac & Cheese- Hunter
    Pizza- Nicholas
    Mashed Potatoes & Gravy- Garrett
    Spaghetti- Brody
    Biscuits & Gravy- Damian
    French Fries- Jesse
    Hot Dogs- August
    I have never had/ I don't like any of these- Jasper

    DS2- Middle Name
    *What is your favorite eye color on your "perfect" mate?
    Blue- Zane
    Green- Mason
    Brown- Phillip
    Hazel- Noble
    Grey- Blade
    Unusual (Violet, Black, ect)- Dmitri

    DS3- First Name
    *What is your favorite holiday?
    Valentine's Day- Holden
    Halloween- Grayson
    New Years Day- Legend
    Christmas/Yule- Amory
    Thanksgiving- Draco
    Independence Day- Cade
    Mother's/Father's Day- Cypress
    I do not celebrate any of these.- Tristan

    DS3- Middle Name
    *What is your favorite kind of Baby Name?
    Generation- Bartholomew
    This or That- Silas
    NSRN Choices- John
    Name Bank- Seth
    Take Away # & Leave #- Bandit
    I can't choose I like them all.- Hugo

    DD6- First Name
    *What is your favorite Pokemon out of these?
    Jiggy Puff- Lydia
    Charmander- Amelia
    Ninetales- Poppy
    Squirtle- Lyra
    Butterfree- Ophelia
    Pikachu- Calliope
    Mew- Electra
    I don't know what you are talking about.- Ione

    DD6-Middle Name
    *How do you like having ice cream?
    Cone- Elisabeth
    Malt- Charlotte
    Sundae- Rumer
    Plain in a Bowl- Elyse
    Shake- Brynn
    I don't like ice cream.- Agatha

    DD7- First Name
    *What is your favorite flavor of soda?
    Cola- Everly
    Strawberry- Georgia
    Lemon Lime- Sidda
    Root Beer- Kiera
    Grape- Brenna
    Cream Soda- Melody
    Fruit Punch- Thea
    I don't drink soda/I don't like any of these.- Keely

    DD7- Middle Name
    *What do you wear to bed?
    What I wore during the day.- Bronte
    PJ set- Viola
    Sweats- Avalon
    Underwear- Lyric
    SO's Clothing- Mabel
    Nothing/None of these.- True

    DS4- First Name
    *How do you perfer to travel?
    Walk- Gideon
    Drive your vehicle.- Cormac
    Public Transportation- Cash
    Bike- Casper
    Carpool- Everett
    Taxi- Roman
    Skateboard- Logan
    None of these.- Elijah

    DS4- Middle Name
    *On average how many hours of TV do you watch in a day?
    None- Tybalt
    1- Lennon
    2- Rhys
    3- Jacob
    4- Beckett
    5+- Brooks

    DD8- First Name
    *Which is your favorite TV show out of these?
    Empire- Starla
    Vampire Diaries- Matilda
    Ridiculousness- Summer
    Counting On- Jordana
    Chopped- Freya
    Wheel of Fortune- Tess
    E! News- Arabella
    I have never watched any of these- Harper

    DD8- Middle Name
    *What app do you use to stream videos/tv shows?
    Youtube- Scout
    Netflix- Ceres
    Hulu- Octavia
    Amazon- Sailor
    Google Play- Lauren
    I don't stream.- Bliss

    DD9- First Name
    *Which is you favorite YA book series out of these?
    Twilight- Esme
    Hunger Games- Primrose
    Divergent- Beatrice
    Harry Potter- Minerva
    Percy Jackson- Annabeth
    Mortal Instruments- Clary
    Vampire Academy- Vasilisa
    I have not read any of these.- Bethany

    DD9- Middle Name
    *Who is your favorite Halliwell sister on the TV show, Charmed?
    Phoebe- Pandora
    Pru- Pippa
    Piper- Penelope
    Paige- Priya
    I love them all and can't choose.- Pearl
    I have never seen the show.- Paloma

    DS5- First Name
    *Which of the Seven Deadly Sins is your down fall?
    Pride- Wyatt
    Greed- Hudson
    Lust- Emerson
    Wrath- Milo
    Gluttony- Cullen
    Envy- Sawyer
    Sloth- Jack
    I am an angel!- Andrew

    DS5- Middle Name
    *Which super power would you have if you could choose?
    Flying- Julian
    Telekinesis- Crane
    Super Strength- Hart
    Healing- Samuel
    Precognition- Crew
    Super Speed- Chandler

    Hope you had fun!

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    DD1: Maya Pallas (21)
    DD2: Luna Ariel (19)
    DS1: Flynn Levi (18)
    DD3/DD4: Briana Aria "Bree"/ Layla Athena (16)
    DD5: Zipporah Clover "Zipper" (13)
    DS2: Nicholas Noble "Nick" (12)
    DS3: Grayson Batholomew "Gray" (10)
    DD6: Electra Brynn "Ellie" (9)
    DD7: Kiera Mabel (6)
    DS4/DD8: Everett Brooks/ Summer Scout (5)
    DD9: Esme Pandora "Mae" (2)
    DS5: Cullen Samuel (NB)

    Maya, Luna, Flynn, Bree, Layla, Zipper, Nick, Gray, Ellie, Kiera, Everett, Summer, Mae and Cullen

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    Christine Keira - Evangeline Briar - Aubrey Damaris - Maisie Bear - Adelaide Echo
    Juniper Solstice - Felicity Iris - Vesper Elemmírë - Emmeline Rose - Lyla Winter

    Nico Alexander - River Jackson - Westley Atticus - Lincoln Perseus - Emerson Cove
    Arthur Owen - Mason Blake - Everett Madden - Theodore Kingston - August Reuel

    Victor - Erasmus - Shai - Fyodor - Jonas / Lily - Kallan - Celestine - Astoria - Anwen

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    DD (18): McKenna Elaine
    DD (17) Luna Isabelle
    DS (16): Jude Levi
    DD/DD/DD (14): Evangeline Aria, Clara Eleanor, & Adelaide Josephine
    DS (10): Hunter Zane
    DS (9): Grayson Bartholomew
    DD (7): Amelia Brynn
    DD/DS (5): Everly Lyric & Everett Rhys
    DD (3): Harper Scout
    DD (2): Annabeth Paloma
    DS (exp): Jack Samuel

    McKenna, Luna, Jude, Lina, Clara, Addy, Hunter, Grayson, Amelia, Evie, Everett, Harper, Anna, & Jack.
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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