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    I seriously LOLed at Barbarella. I bet there are some poor unfortunate souls out there with the name though. And I understand your deep hatred for Tammy - nms at all. FIL suggested Teddy & Tammy as the names if Ivy had been twins and I almost puked - SO GLAD they never had twins!

    I had a thought that came to me when I saw that you liked Meredith. What about Edith? I think she could work very well stylistically, and Edie is super cute. Or even Eddie or Itty if you want something more unisex.

    Hopefully, The One will come to you soon
    Tara, proud mama to a Honey Badger
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    Teddy & Tammy, lol. Were you having babies in 1984??

    I think I kinda do like Edith, tho had never considered it. And Edie is adorable. Hmm.

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    I am in the same boat. Looking for a non-girly name but I am not sure I am in LOVE with anything. Here are some names we are considering. Hopefully this helps! Note, I have an 18 month old daughter named Tessa (but I find myself calling her Tess half the time).

    Sloane, Carys, Evie, Edie, Rory, Lena, Rita, Jules, Rae, Neve, Liv, Rhea, Piper, Nina, Camille, Kora, Jade, Joss, Reesa.

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    What about Lark Hesper? I think this works well with Marlo. I like the suggestion of Edith too. Some other possibilties:

    Marlo and

    Arden Hesper
    Astrid Hesper
    Avery Hesper
    Avis Hesper
    Beata Hesper
    Berit Hesper
    Bryn Hesper
    Carmen Hesper
    Clemence Hesper
    Constance Hesper
    Dorothy/Dorrie/Dory Hesper
    Eden Hesper
    Elin Hesper
    Esme Hesper
    Fern Hesper
    Fiona Hesper
    Freya/Frida Hesper
    Garnet Hesper
    Greta Hesper
    Imogen Hesper
    Ingrid Hesper
    Jane Hesper
    June Hesper
    Lane Hesper
    Leonie Hesper
    Linden Hesper
    Lou Hesper
    Nell Hesper
    Nora Hesper
    Persis Hesper
    Ramona Hesper
    Ruth Hesper
    Solace Hesper
    Sybil Hesper
    Tallis Hesper
    Una Hesper
    Verity Hespe
    Wren Hesper
    Xanthe Hesper
    Xena/Xenia Hesper
    Winslow Hesper

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    Thanks for sharing your list mkmarchand! We're definitely on the same track...we've considered (and still have on the long list) Sloane, Carys and Edie

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