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    8 weeks to go...looking for non-girly names

    Hi berries,

    We are expecting DD2 in 8 weeks, she is definitely our last child. I posted a few weeks back and got some great suggestions and comments, that made me rethink how I had described our naming style and what type of name we were *really* looking for. We've put some more thought into it and now have a list of 6 names that we really like, but none of which feels like 'the one'. For reference, DD1 is named Marlo Agnes.

    We are mostly decided on Hesper for the middle name - it's clunky, old-fashioned and uncommon, just like Agnes. We like it a lot! For her first name we'd like something...uncommon but not weird, modern but not trendy, and totally non-frilly. The surname trend for girls is kinda perfect, in a way, except it's a little too trendy right now.

    First name options are:

    Mischa: like this a lot, but not keen on matchy M-names (too cutesy? or maybe doesn't matter with only 2?)
    Micah: same problem as above
    Hadley: love this, we had both only ever met one Hadley and suddenly it's getting so popular also doesn't work well with Hesper
    Tamsin: like it, but not really in the running. can't stand even the *possibility* of nn Tammy.
    Rowan: liking this one less lately, not sure why. doesn't seem to 'go' with Marlo
    Larkin: this might be our favorite, but I'm not sure if it goes with Marlo. love the nn.

    I'd really appreciate your comments on these names (positive or otherwise), or suggestions for similar names if you can think of any!!

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    Larkin fits best, i think. It's no-nonsense, and has a great nn.

    a few more suggestions:
    Tansy- a better version of Tamsin? reduces the likelihood of Tammy as a nn.
    Isis- a powerful, beautiful name. not frilly in the least.
    Blair- another wonderful no-frills name. doesn't go as well with Hester, though.
    Hollis- I really like the double H, I think Hollis Hester is quite nice!
    Darcy- feminine but not frilly, i think it's quite wearable!

    hope this helps a little. good luck!
    Mama to big kitty Jasper

    a feel for the names i adore:

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    Two M names would be ok, but consider that you might appreciate being able to differentiate your children by their first initial. For example, for score-keeping during games, for quick notes to your spouse, and notations on the calendar or in the checkbook, it is very handy to refer to your child (and differentiate him or her) by the first first initial.

    That said, non-frilly names that I like are:
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Really love Stella Hesper with Marlo Agnes

    What about....
    Adair *
    Aubrey *
    Ainsley *
    Darcy *
    Keeley *

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    I think that we might have similar naming styles. My son is Arlo, and my daughter is River Alise.

    For you, I second Stella. It's a name that I love. Micah/Mika and Blair are cool options too. What about Magnolia? Is that too much with Marlo? I guess maybe it is.

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