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    My fiance's parents wanted a bigger family (4 or so kids) but after 4 boys she decided that she wanted a girl so they kept trying which gave them their fifth boy. 2 years later they had their girl and then 2 years after that a second girl. And while they admit they had more kids for a girl they do love all of them equally its just the the girls are extremely spoiled.

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    When I had my first I really really really wanted and girl. I even told people that but would say "I really want a girl but it's not like I get a say in it!" we were lucky enough to have a girl
    When I was pregnant again I really didn't mind if we had a boy or girl but my husband said he would like a boy. When we found out we were having another girl he was a little disappointed but then turned to me and said well I guess that means we will be having another one! I wasn't even 1/2 way through my pregnancy yet and he was planning the next one, lol. We do want a big family but I don't mind if I end up with 5 girls, I think I husband would though!!!
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