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    I was convinced for the first half of my pregnancy that I had no preference and stuck to the PC "healthy baby" thing. My husband on the other hand, was very outspoken about wanting a girl. To the point that he was going to be very disappointed if it was a boy. I was pretty convinced it was a boy, so I was actually a little nervous for DH as we were going into the anatomy scan! I knew before he did that it was a girl, because I was looking for those three little lines, so that gave me a few minutes to examine my feelings before he found out. I was actually shocked to find out how relieved and excited I was to be having a girl. I guess that's how I'd always imagined things, if I'm honest, but I wouldn't allow myself to believe it, KWIM? Going into that pregnancy, my husband only wanted one child (he's since changed his tune), and I think I would have been very sad to not get my girl. Of course I would have loved a son just as much as I do my daughter, but... being a sister to 3 brothers, I can plainly see the differences in the parental relationship once they are grown. Obviously, things can be different for different families, but I think the "a son's a son till he takes a wife, but a daughter's a daughter all her life" thing has played out in most of the families I know.
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    I think part of what made me want a girl is that I have zero interest in sports. I would so much rather attend years of dance recitals than baseball games. But I'm not at all into princessy stuff either, and I'm completely lost when it comes to hair and makeup, stuff like that. Honestly, the things that do interest me could go either way. I love science and reading and those are both things I could share with either. Granted, it would feel a little more like a victory to have a daughter excited about science, but might be an easier sell to a little boy. I have a friend with a son and when he was little, I did stuff with them like setting off a model rocket and chipping away at a block of ice to discover plastic dinosaur bones. I'm also hoping that a son will grow up more likely to think a tattooed mom that's into punk rock and horror movies is cool instead of embarrassing.

    And all the things I was going to teach a girl, about how great women are and how she should respect herself I can teach to him too. I'm sure the future women in his life will appreciate my efforts. I think for me, it plays a big role that there's no one male in my life that I'm close to. I'm estranged from my father and stepfather, the relationship with my son's father is strained at best, and I had a falling out with my only close guy friend a few months ago. Meanwhile, my mom is always there for me and I have several close friendships with women dating back a decade or longer. I think maybe this is a situation where I'm not getting what I want, but I'm getting what I need.

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    I had always pictured myself with a girl, I actually had to psych myself into thinking Rowan was a boy just so if she turned out to be I wouldn't be disappointed. My husband is the one that can't imagine raising a boy, oddly enough. The next child I would be perfectly happy with either, but he wants another girl.
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    I wanted a boy for my second, as I already had a 1 year old daughter, and I wanted a little testosterone in the house. I live with three girls! Another 18 year old girl, my daughter, and her daughter. However, it looks like we'll be a 5-girl home! I love my little girls though. Baby #2 is coming to theaters near you in January 2013.

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    I felt pretty much exactly as you described Kungfualex.

    I had a feeling it would be a boy, but I have ALWAYS imagined having a daughter and really really wanted the baby to be a girl. Of course I was thrilled to find out that my baby was healthy, but I was also a tad disappointed to find it was a boy.

    I am very girly and I had so wanted to buy the pink frilly outfits, put bows in her hair, go to dance classes, etc...and I had SO many girls names that I had loved for years and had been so spoilt for choice at which one to narrow it down to!

    Instead with a boy - I found myself far less excited by the clothes, I hate sports and am not at all into the outdoors or the "rough and tumble" games boys tend to like, and worst of all....I barely like a single boys name, so instead of being spoilt for choice I have been rooting around desperately trying to find just ONE name that I like.

    But all in all - I am happy that my baby is healthy, and am lucky to be having him. I am sure I will love every moment of raising him, and we'll find the right name eventually. I'm excited to meet the little guy

    I just hope I do get to have a daughter one day though
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