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    For my first, I had always pictured having a girl. I had been dreaming about it since I was a little girl. My husband wanted a boy. I got my girl Now I'm pregnant again and I wanted a boy as did my hubby. We just found out last week that we were having a boy, so we got pretty lucky. If we have a third - I would want another boy. I don't think I could handle two girls!!
    All the best,

    Charlotte Noelle
    Baby boy due February 16th, 2013

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    So, when I was pregnant at 15 I really wanted a girl, but all the "signs" pointed to boy, so early on I fell in love with my son. However, I didn't want to do an ultrasound gender test. When my friend had her baby, I was 32 weeks pregnant. She had a little girl, and even though I already "knew" my baby's gender, I wanted to be sure about my son, that I was going to name William Oliver Henry Croft, and call him Henry. So, I'm in the ultrasound room, telling the tech how I'm positive it will be a boy, and how I'm so excited to have a son, and she just goes silent. And I'm like, "Wait... is it not a boy?" and she nodded. Surprise! A baby girl! I was very excited, but it completely changed my mentality. For eight months I called her "him/he/his" and collected boy stuff. I switched to "Little Miss" and "Little Lady" and "Baby Girl" and bought pink and purple clothes. Three weeks later I had Eva Victoria Anne Croft at 34 weeks 3 days. I only had 2.5 weeks knowing that my baby was a girl! She was born at 11:31 AM, after 11 hours of labor. She stayed in the NICU for 5 days. For my next baby, I found out at 18 weeks and was told it was a boy. The next appointment, my friend Morgan came with me to see my son. And, surprise #2! It's actually a girl again! And, 14 weeks later, she's still a girl! I'm naming her either Rylin Elizabeth _______ Croft, Amelia Hunter Rose Croft, Anna Isabella Marie Croft, or Mary Aurelia Jane Croft.

    Mommy to Eva Victoria Anne, 2
    Expecting baby girl in January 2013

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    I only found out with my boy pregnancies (just the way it worked, when we waited until birth we had girls lol) and was honestly fine with it. Now granted wuth our first, there was much excitement over the first grandchild on both sides and am not a "girly" type of person (going by stereotypes of course) and with our third we already had one of each and with this new little guy after loosing our Felix gender did not matter but a healthy baby did. The only thing I lament this time around with gender is not being able to use the middles names we came up with to honor both grandmothers, my sister, and 2 great-grandmothers (yes, all from 2 middle names, lol) but that is it. I would probably have equal remorse if we were having a girl and not getting all my nephews rocking handme downs! Butto answer your question, I think people envision their family one way so when it takes a different direction it can take some getting used to and that is fine. I have a good friend who always wanted a daughter and after having 3 boys they feel their family is complete and she says she will wait for daughters in law or grand daughters but always wanted a girl of her own. She is sad that didnt happen, but loves her boys so fiercly and wouldnt trade them for anything. Hope that makes sense.
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    Always missing our Felix Emmanuel (10/10-10/10)

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    With our son, he was our first(we are TTC), we knew we wanted to find out the gender at the 20 week ultrasound. For a good part of that 20 weeks I honestly felt I didn't care. But, as the U/S/ got closer, I all of the sudden felt like I really wanted a girl. I had no feelings one way or the other in what I thought we were going to have. My husband wanted a boy first. When the tech told me it was a boy I felt tiny twinge of disappointment and then I just felt excitement at finally knowing who was in there! Now, if our 2nd child is another boy, I believe I will be much more disappointed at first, but I know I will get over it and be excited that my son will have a brother to me best friends with. We are more than likely going to wait til birth to find the gender though, because I know once I push the baby out and see, if it's a boy, I probably will not feel any disappointment at all! I definitely want a girl and we are planning on having 3 or 4 children so hopefully I will get my girl. My husband is 1 of 5 boys though, that scares me!

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    My SO and I both really want a son. I have a hard time wrapping my head around dresses and dolls and doing hair, etc. so if my daughter was.stereotypically girly I'd be lost. I can do exactly 3 things with my hair; straighten it, pull it back or but it in a bun. That's my extent of "expertise".
    I'm guilty of sitting around day dreaming about what my kids will pe like, what our family will be like but while I can tell you clear as day how my son acts in them I can't picture how my daughter would act.
    I'm not worried about having all of one gender; Martin wants one of each but we've talked about adopting if we get two sons, or two daughters. His parents wound up with 5 boys trying to have a daughter which to me (and him) isn't worth it when there are children waiting for a family.
    Either way I'm sure we'll find out the gender.

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