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    Grace - family name/too popular
    Skylar - too unisex
    Finley - too unisex
    Oliver - we had a cat with that name
    Jasmine - people spell it too weird/Aladdin
    Leo - ex's sign
    Liam - too close to an ex's name/too popular
    Matilda - I love the movie way too much, lol
    Elijah - family name/too popular
    Gabriel - same as Elijah
    Charlotte - mean older lady
    Alexis - unisex/too popular
    Anna (as a first name)
    Christopher or Kristin (too many people with that nn (boys and girls))
    Maxwell (Jessica Simpson didn't help)
    Archer - city near me (Archie)
    Micah - unisex
    Lucy and Macy
    ...This is sad
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