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    Quote Originally Posted by sis View Post

    On a side note: I don't really understand the fear of Twilight. Edward is a definite for me. It's a family name, and I won't be deterred from it because of a sparkly vampire. Even if it was a good book
    I feel like Edward was commonly used enough that it's less impacted by this. It's some of the other names that the general population might not have been familiar with prior to the movie that are more likely to feel "ruined". Esme for me and I've heard Jasper a lot. The main characters, ironically enough, have names used commonly enough that I think they're *less* likely to be assumed to be Twilight-influenced, unless several are used together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fcooper View Post
    Well, this happened several times in our family. With my first two members got dogs while I was pregnant and named the dogs the names that my husband and I were considering for our child! First it was Francesca or Francoise with a nn Frankie and my MIL got a french toy poodle, named him franciose with a nn Franny! Then my SIL got a dog and named her Candy when we were considering Candice nn Candi for our daughter! Lastly, my niece was going to name her daughter Elsie and her husband's grandmother got a dog and named her Elsa! I just couldn't believe these people with their dogs and taking a baby's name!
    Oh yea--did these people know the names were being considered and do this intentionally or was it a weird coincidence? I'd be a lot more fired up if it was done on purpose.

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    This has happened to me!
    Elyse- a girl who was awful to me as a kid
    Cory- loved it from Boy Meets World- real life person ruined it
    Elijah- became too popular

    However, I used to have a bad association with the name Paige. Then I went to college, met a Paige, and my opinion has completely flipped. I love it now!

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    There's way too many to mention, but here's a few.

    Alexander (first name)

    Pop-culture (names I wouldn't use now, but maybe in the future after all the hype as died down):
    Hermione - love this name and the HP character, but everyone's still like 'Oh, from Harry Potter.' -_-
    Carlisle - I didn't hear this name until Twilight came out. I don't mind Twilight, but I still wouldn't use a name associated with it within the next few years.

    People I know that ruined the names:
    Emily - I've never really love it, but I used to like it a little until a bratty girl I went to school with ruined it.
    Keely - My old band teacher, Mr. Key, ruined most names that begin or end with 'key' for me. But I used to love Keely
    Casey (girl) - My old best friend that went absolutely wild in college. I still love her to death, but her name name brings back too many memories.
    Bryant - A guy I knew in school pretty much ruined it for me.

    Caydence (girl) - My cousin had a boy about a year ago named Kaidan. They're too close in my opinion to use Caydence as a first name (even though they would live far apart, and rarely meet), but I'd use it as a middle name. It's just ruined as a first name.
    Novalee - Cousins name
    Kaysha - Cousin. Also someone I'd never want to name a kid after.
    Ian Alexander Cameron Blaise Damien Cole Axel Sean Callum Bryce Lennox Beau
    Blair Annevieve Camryn Atalya Piper Caydence Tallulah Sage Senna Kai Haven Lux

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    Pretty much any noun names. My soon to be married name is a plural noun. It sounds silly. Fake example: River Woods, Paris Woods.
    Theodore Arthur

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