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    Ontario, Canada
    Damian - Everybody associates it with The Oman and demons.
    Lucifer - The bible ruined it.
    Jacob - Popularity ruined it.

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    I absolutely loved the name Jasper until I mentioned it to someone who instantly said like Twilight, which annoys me epically I wanted a little boy named Jasper with the nn Jazz..

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    Isabella (unpleasant person, too popular now, and Twilight), Natalie (unpleasant person), Robert (unfortunate nicknames), Adelina (unfortunate rhyme someone once mentioned), Sapphire (according to my nana, sounds like she should be living in a trailer park in the deep south lol), Samantha (unpleasant person), and many, many more. High school really whittled down my baby name choices! That and pop culture!

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    Well, this happened several times in our family. With my first two members got dogs while I was pregnant and named the dogs the names that my husband and I were considering for our child! First it was Francesca or Francoise with a nn Frankie and my MIL got a french toy poodle, named him franciose with a nn Franny! Then my SIL got a dog and named her Candy when we were considering Candice nn Candi for our daughter! Lastly, my niece was going to name her daughter Elsie and her husband's grandmother got a dog and named her Elsa! I just couldn't believe these people with their dogs and taking a baby's name!

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    Aliena - I absolutely love this Shakespearean name, but it was pointed out to me that it looks like Alien with an A on the end.
    Elizabeth - Former best friend. Now ex-husband's wife. 'Nuff said.
    Jemima - American society seems to be anti-Jemima because of Aunt Jemima. It's too bad. I love it so much.
    Samantha - DH's ex. She threw a giant ash tray at his head, so it's off limits.
    Victoria - Another of DH's lovely exes.

    Charles - Had planned on using this, but my ex used it first.
    Joshua - An ex
    Jude - It's not so much ruined as unusable. My brother got to it first.
    Leo, Levi & Liam - Sounds terrible with our surname.

    On a side note: I don't really understand the fear of Twilight. Edward is a definite for me. It's a family name, and I won't be deterred from it because of a sparkly vampire. Even if it was a good book

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