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    Random ticker name game

    So in this game, you have to watch the name ticker on the Nameberry homepage.

    Take the first 2 names you see of the opposite gender, and that's the name of your significant other.

    Then take the first 2 girls' names you see, and that's your first daughter.

    Repeat twice for two sets of names, two girls' names and two boys'. Those are your twins.

    Repeat for another girl.

    Repeat for another boy.

    And that's your family!

    Husband: Nathan Noel

    Aurora Nyssa
    Mira Seraphina (my favorite!) & Carter Lancaster
    Gabrielle Persephone
    Kobe Stanley

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    Apr 2012
    DH: Alfred Barrett

    DD: Katniss Ann
    DD: Penelope Violet DS: Devon Vischer
    DD: Lavinia Peyton
    DS: Ellery Jael

    Cool game!!! I like Penelope Violet out of these combos.

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    Me too! Penelope Violet is lovely.

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    I've decided to name myself Madeline Bardot.

    DH: Finn Theodore

    DD&DS: Layla Amata & Liam Aleph
    DD: Esme Sage
    DS: Vesper Hero!!
    -- Lottie --

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