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    Perseus was on my boy list. Love it. The other one that jumped out was Hylas. I've never heard of it but it's lovely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    After narrowing our list for Baby if it's a Girl list down, many names fell out because they didn't have enough myth or history to them. And then we realized one of our boy names has none (or almost none) as well. Theron is lovely, and it does mean hunter, but there is no myth to the name (apart from Potnia Theron "Queen of the Wild Animals"). Maybe a possible future Theron would feel left out with epically myth named brothers Orpheus, Endymion, Orion and Herne? So we are looking for a replacement.

    Our list (speak your mind, we can take it):

    If you have any suggestions, that would be lovely too. We don't want major gods or evil dudes. They need myth or history to the name.

    our girl list: Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Hespera, Illyria, Tinuviel (Niniane).

    Thank you so much!
    I'm soooo hoping you have a girl so that you call her Belphoebe! I can't tell you how much I've fallen in love with that name since you posted about it!!!

    I do love your boys names too though!

    from this list: I love Hylas & Priam - I think Hylas is my favourite though.

    Damon, Hector & Jason are great names but almost seem too mainstream among your other choices. Adonis and Icarus I think are slightly too much to live up to, and sadly Castor does just make me think of "Oil"...otherwise it would be a great name
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    Thanks you guys! First, Castor is out. When I was little I loved looking through my parents art books, and there was a few paintings that creeped me out, and one of them was "The rape of the daughters of Leucippus by Castor and Pollux" by Rubens. That painting is horrible, it still leaves me with a sickening feeling in my whole body. No more Castor.

    sleepyshessha: I have the same feeling about Theseus, I've been mad with him forever because of that! Besides, I love Ariadne. I let Endymion win over Selene, Orpheus over Eurydice; I need to let Ariadne win over Theseus and get one for the girls. My main problem with Odysseus: he was a bastard (Sean Bean was smoking hot in Troy, but apart from that...). He had long lasting affairs and children and needed to disguise himself to see if Penelope had been true to him. But he was awesome too. (Just a little rant!)

    kalaway: Yay, one for Faramond! I really like this, it's so cute. And Remiel too, I think it's super!

    ellemenopeee: Thanks, I love Hylas too. I'm thinking a middle? There's a gorgeous painting of him being "taken" by the water nymphs, I love it!

    hayley: Thank you! I love Belphoebe too, it's amazing. My boyfriend and I took a stroll yesterday evening, and it was the full moon, and it was kind of cloudy and starry at the same time and the moon and the stars reflected in the canal, and it was really cold, and it all made me think of Belphoebe. And one more likes Hylas, yay! I love Hylas...

    I just thought (or rather, we've been watching some lord of the rings and I got inspired) of... Faramir and Haldir (I know he wasn't that important in the books, but I love Haldir in the movie!)?
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    Yeah, Haldir from the movie was way cooler (and HOT). Opposites on Faramir though, his character in the book is one of my faves, and I don't really like the way they portray him in the movie as much (at least he's still good-looking though). Oh yeah, and his name is awesome.
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    I agree, Faramir in the book is amazing. Haldir in the book was forgettable, but in the movie he is such a badass!
    Based on the sound alone I prefer Faramir to Haldir and to Faramund. Did you read through the credits? =]

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