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    Boy Name Help Please!

    Hubby and I are in a pickle with naming our little boy. We've had a couple of names picked out that we've always liked and then the family went and threw a wrench into the whole thing - it's the first grandson so of course the family name is being "pushed" on us. I know ultimately it's our decision, but we really would like to honor our family by using the names somehow. We're just not sure we like them best as first name. Here's our list, I would LOVE some honest and thruthful feeback and/or suggestions!! thanks!

    - Family Names:
    - Our Fave Names:
    Leo (also a family name but not being "pushed" on us)
    - Possible Combinations we're considering (including possibility of two middle names - thoughts on this too please)
    Jay Benton
    Benton Jay
    Rolan/Nolan Jay Benton
    Leo Benton Jay
    Davin Jay Benton
    Elliott Jay Benton
    Gunnar Benton Jay

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    Can you use names that have the first sound of your family names like James, Jason, Jacob, Benjamin or Benedict?

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    I actually think Benjamin could be a great combo for both Benton and Jay BenJamin.
    Nolan Benjamin would be a choice I'd like.

    If you don't want to combine Benton and Jay I'd use them as a double mn. ___ Jay Benton ___. I tend to use my mn's Sophie M____ as a pseudonym for online accounts, or creative writing projects ect. It's still part of my name but it also works as a separate name. Jay Benton would be a cool pseudonym for someone to have.
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    As if naming a boy wasn't hard enough?! lol
    Would you mind sharing how many syllables your last name has? I think it makes a difference as far as order of names.
    Personally we are going with two middles names- I don't know what other peoples' thoughts are on this but we've received lots of compliments on our daughter's full name.

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    A couple must choose the name THEY love and not feel pressured by family. If you used both Benton and Jay in the middle spot, that should suffice.

    1 Leo Jay Benton - spunky combo with a wonderful flow
    2 Elliot Jay Benton - distinguished
    3 Nolan Jay Benton - Nolan is trendy but it's a nice name
    All the best,

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