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    Replacing a Name on Our List for Baby Boy

    After narrowing our list for Baby if it's a Girl list down, many names fell out because they didn't have enough myth or history to them. And then we realized one of our boy names has none (or almost none) as well. Theron is lovely, and it does mean hunter, but there is no myth to the name (apart from Potnia Theron "Queen of the Wild Animals"). Maybe a possible future Theron would feel left out with epically myth named brothers Orpheus, Endymion, Orion and Herne? So we are looking for a replacement.

    Our list (speak your mind, we can take it):

    If you have any suggestions, that would be lovely too. We don't want major gods or evil dudes. They need myth or history to the name.

    our girl list: Belphoebe, Ceridwen, Hespera, Illyria, Tinuviel (Niniane).

    Thank you so much!

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    Great idea!

    Adonis is too much to live up to; Castor = castor oil nowadays (rather than Castor & Pollux); Pollux is a bit too reminiscent of 'pox' and 'bollocks,' and Icarus met a rather sticky end due to his own stupidity. I'm on the fence about the usability of Priam (Prius? Pram?) and Hylas (alas? hilam?).

    I think Damon, Hector, Jason, Perseus and Pythias are great jumping-off points.

    I would also suggest:

    Lysander (lovely legend)
    Aelfwin / Alfwyn / Elvyn: "elf-friend," an old Ancient Germanic/ Anglo-Saxon name
    Theseus (the greatest hero in the Greek myths)
    Cadmus (supposedly taught the Greeks to read and write, revered as a scholar-hero)
    Seneca (depending on your feelings towards Stoicism)
    Aurelian (the emporer, or Aurelius after Marcus Aurelius)
    Roland (as in Chanson de-- *the* medieval hero)
    Faramond (the mythical founder-king of the Franks, supposedly a Trojan)
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    ooh, thanks Bladey! I was thinking those things you said, especially about Pollux and Adonis. I love the names you suggested, Gavain, Theseus, Seneca, Roland and Faramond are amazing! Thank you!

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    I love Hector and Perseus from this list. However, I'm thinking that Hector might seem a little serious next to the rest of your list, and his "or" ending would run into both Orpheus and Orion. Loving blade's suggestions of Lysander and Theseus.
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    Oh good, I love your posts! I love Perseus from your list and really like blade's suggestion of Lysander. I'm not nearly as creative as you and blade, so I have nothing to contribute, :-( but I do LOVE your name lists!
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