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    Emmett for a girl?

    We are expecting our first child, and while we don't yet know the sex of baby, we are already looking for names. We have found a great combination of family names for a boy, but are completely stumped for a girl's name. I was just lamenting the wealth of family names for boys and complete lack of them for girls when it dawned on me that we could possibly use one of them for girl after all. I know many nameberry readers aren't big fans of giving girls a traditionally masculine name, but I kind of like these family names for a girl:

    Emmett (I love that it starts with the "em" sound, has an ending that sounds like "ette," and could easily be shortened to Emme).

    Pierce (I had always thought of this as a purely masculine name until I met a precious little girl named Pierce.)

    Brady (I am not as crazy about this one, but it is a family name).

    What do you think?

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    Emmett- I don't see this on a boy at all, due to the Em- trend, but I don't really see it on a girl, either. Just seems like another Emma, Emily or Amelia.

    Pierce- I could never see this on a girl.

    Brady- In my school, there is a class clown and a very masculine boy named Brady. I can't see it on a girl.

    However, I do like Ezra for a girl better on a boy, and I think Luca, Jordan and Micah might work as well on a girl as a boy. But I understand how you want to go with family names.

    Have you considered going with a diminuitive or variation of a family member's name? If you have a grandma Mary, what about Molly, Mitzi, May, Maura, Mariam, Mimi, Maria or even Polly? If you have an aunt Linda, then the -inda names like Selinda, Solinda, Melinda, Calinda, Belinda or even Lucinda, Aurinda, Brenda, Amarinda, Cinda, Jacinda, Zarinda and Mirinda could be used.

    Even most names that would make many a parent looking for a stylish name scream like Dorothy, Eunice, Florence, Hortense and such can be altered. Instead of Dorothy, take the original version and use the short form Thea to get names like Theadora, Althea or Alethea. Eunice can be modified into Yuna or even Luna, while Florence can be a Flora, Florentina or Fiorenza. Even Hortense can become modern, with the meaning 'of the garden' and plant name would work, from Magnolia to Rose.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Emmett - I do not support this on girls. It's a boys name, Emma, Emmeline, Emily can all be shortened to Emme. Just because there's an ette sound doesn't mean it's automatically meant for girls. I think that it should be left alone because I'm sure there are some parents who like more "feminine" sounding names for boys, and if girls start wearing them eventually it'll be a social taboo for them to be used on boys. It's the unfortunate reality a la Ashley.

    Pierce - Same as above. It's a boys name, and not even a flattering image imo. And I have a cousin named Pierce. I can think of far too many unpleaseant and inappropriate jokes an innuendos with this name on a girl that will come about in middle school and high school.

    Brady- I don't like this either.

    Boys names on girls isn't just a trend, it can cause a lot of issues, sends out the wrong message and can cause trouble through out life when people see her as a boy on paper before meeting her.
    Girls names are girls names for a reason, and ditto with boys names. There are plenty of unisex names that can be used.
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    I can see Emmett on a girl, I can't see Pierce on one and I don't care for Brady for either gender, seems very trendy to me.

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    Nope, can't see any of them on a girl.

    If you wouldn't name your boy Phoebe, you shouldn't name your girl Emmett
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