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    Names That Make You Cringe?

    What are some names that actually make you cringe when you hear them, but others may like them? This is not intended to put down others' favourite names or to single out terrible names, just to see what names personally you find displeasing to the ear, but other people like? For me, one of them is Ernestine, and I know many people like it but I can't stand it when I hear it. Others that I know several people really like but I dislike are Vanessa and Veronica. I just don't like the way they sound. Sorry if all of you do.

    So, what are some names you find cringe-worthy?
    Kirrily, Valencia, Romy, Juliet, Sevilla, Clemency, Kate
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    I knew a nice lady named Bertha when I was young and even as a small child I cringed every time I heard her name. I've known a Beulah all my life and I don't find that name very appealing either. Other names that aren't nice to hear: Mildred, Myrtle and Gertrude. Nevaeh has a special place all her own. As far as boys names, I cringe every time I hear Maverick, Knox, Jayden and all of his rhyming cousins, Jagger and Parker.
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    Also- so much Veronica hate already!! It's one I was considering & my 11 yr old cousin begged me not to saying it's a mean sounding name!

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    sweetpea10, I can certainly relate. When people call me Lexi or Alex, no matter how many times I mention neither is my name (Alexandra, main nickname Alexa), it just drives me batty.

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