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Thread: sibling sets

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    sibling sets

    We're actively TTC and so the name game has begun!!

    Already we have three children and this baby is likely to be our last. Were hoping for a boy but as long as it's a healthy beautiful baby we couldn't be happier

    Our Children:
    Russell John
    Ellen Marie
    Ruby Annabeth

    (Russell and Ellen are my step kids)

    Its ridiculously easy for me to come up with combos for other people but when its comes to my own my brain hurts

    If its a girl her middle name will be BRIELLE (combination between Brianna-my sisters name and Kelley-my MIL)

    If its a boy the middle will be either George, Douglas, or Blaine

    For boys I have a passion for uncommon older names such as: Asa, Sterling,Cassius, Desmond,Franklin, Wallace

    For girls my style is all over the place! I adore: Persephone, Isis, Juno, Clio,Marlena, Cecilia, Imogen, Maeve, Calliope

    My SO on the other hand really has no taste at all he told me to go at it and he has final vito

    So far what we can agree on:

    Clio Brielle
    Cordelia Brielle
    Marlena "Marley" Brielle
    Maeve Brielle
    Lorelei Brielle
    Tabitha Brielle

    Preston Blaine
    Milo George
    Leo Blaine
    Finnick Blaine "Finn"
    Judah Douglas
    Cian George
    Blaine Douglas
    Josiah Blaine

    Our last name starts with a W and ends with an N and is 3 syllables

    Any suggestions or combos are hugely appreciated

    Sorry for the super long post

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    I really like:



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    I love Marlena Brielle!

    For boys I like Preston, Blaine or Judah.

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    I like Marlena Brielle and Preston Blaine from your list. Also like the combos Preston George and Finnick Douglas.

    I think for the girls names, 1 syllable and 2 syllable names sound a bit weird with Brielle as a middle name - maybe that's just me. Prefer Marlena, Cordelia, etc over Maeve, Clio, etc, when paired with Brielle.

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