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    My top two least favorite girls' names:

    Crystal and Joan

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    My two least favourite names are Agatha and Vivienne.

    I dislike Vivienne because it looks like a complete unnecessary überfrilly ellaboration of the gorgeous and classic Vivian, and it feels very trendy due to Jolie-Pitt twin - seriously, how many spots it has climbed per year after the JP girl was born? I think it's a name that's trying too hard. Vivian is just classic and elegant. Vivienne is pretentious and trendy trying to be elegant.

    And Agatha - i just dislike the "ag" and "tha" parts. They sound harsh. Even though I love Agnes, go figure.

    Edit: And Gretchen! Google "conga la conga" and understand why. Yikes. Oh, and Sarah. It's just too bland.
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