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    I also don't like all the "let's put an -lee, lyn or -leigh ending on any first syllable possible" names.
    Made up names.
    "Jayed, Kayden, Aiden" names.
    Joke Names a la North (West).

    Petra, Ursula, Beatrix, Bertha, Georgina, Georiana, Marion
    Vanessa, Chantal, Cheyenne, Kevin, Pascal, Justin

    Names that are just too much (for me) like Cleopatra, Caesar, etc.

    Most names that sound like they're from Lord of the Rings (Elves).

    If you have any of those names or given this name to somebody, please don't feel offended.

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    First, I have to say that I don't get mythology names. I actually like Diana, but Aphrodite, Penelope, Persephone and Athina sound amful.
    Secondly, I don't understand why people use heavy names like Lilianna, Liliosa, Lilian, Lucinda and Luciana instead of beautiful Lily and Lucy.
    I hate P names, especially on girls (Piper, Payton, Pippa, Parker, Paisley). They just sound ridiculous.
    Other names, that I crinch when I hear them: Lulu, Lou, Coco, Mimi, Rain, Harper, Cosette (it's too similar to Russian word for goat!), Rana (frog in Spanish, wound in Russian), Rene, Esme, Arthur, Barry, Caden, Jaedyn, Kailyn, Irina, Elizabeth, Elijah, Charlotte, Khloe and Nevaeh (people are degrading), Wyn, Dylan, Faith, Xenalyn, Sawyer, Jordyn, Lux, Poppy, Harriet, Cash, Clay, Don, Dawn, Comet, Meteor, Diamond, Ashleigh (although I love Ashley), Ash, Odessa, Eve, Sam and Margaux (I love Margo, but Margaux sounds too made-up)
    Last, why do people name their children after place they have no connection to. Savannah is OK, but India, Israel or Brooklyn sound really bad as names.
    Sorry to everyone who likes/has a child with one of those names.

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    A few names I really don´t like are Fletcher, Fuller, Schuyler and most invented and/or word or last names. I stick to classic first names that are easily identified by anyone around the world as first names. Sometimes someone introduces himself/herself and you don´t even know if that´s their lastname or an actual first name. You know what I mean? But everybody has a different style. That´s just mine
    Fav. Girls Names: Rosalie, Amalia, Isa-Lea, Marisa Janey, Sophia Florence, Adriana Louise

    Fav. Boys Names: Tristan, Theo, Quentin, Jannik, Colin, James, Bennett, Benedict

    Fav. combinations: Rosalie Delia, Amalia Lucia and Jerry Benedict, Theodore James

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    -mix & match names. You know the ones. Where any random first syllable combines with any random second syllable to make a completely pointless name. Kylee. Taymee. Ryker.
    Its not just that the names sound stupid. Its also the fact that a parent sat down, and apparently decided that their beautiful, darling newborn baby should have a completely ridiculous name. I just can't even figure out how/why this happens. Like you're sitting there in the hospital, gazing at your perfect little newborn, thinking of all the possibilities before them, the amazing life they're going to have....and then you name them Tylee. Wtf?!

    -any of the -ayden names. I give Hayden a free pass, though, because it was a legitimate name before the -ayden craze, so i feel it can't be lumped in with names like Brayden and Zayden.

    -any "creative" spelling. Brayden is ridiculous enough, don't make it worse by spelling it Braeydn. And changing Isabelle to Izuhbele just makes it look like her parents are illiterate. No one is never going to look at a creatively spelled name and think "how unique and delightful!"....they're going to think "wow, that's trashy"

    -the unnecessary X. Why is this a thing? Its invading everywhere and its just yucky. As if Jaxon, Knox, Nixon, etc aren't ugly enough names, I've actually seen Jaxxon, Knoxx, and Nyxxann. Just give in and add the third x, i know you want to. And hey, when they go directly from dropping out of high school to selling porn of themselves, they won't even have to change their name!
    Even X where its allowed to be has become gross and annoying. Beatrix? Why? Beatrice is so classy and lovely, why pollute it with the letter x?! I've been considering Xanthe for my list, but i dunno if i can get past my hated of the letter x.

    -people who name their kid as if their personality will come from their name. Its as if they think if they just choose something cool/unique/spunky/creative enough, their kid will be the next Zooey Deschanel.

    -boys names on girls. There are literally hundreds of thousands of girl names, don't you dare tell me that Elliott/Emmerson/Addison/James is the "only" name that fits your daughter. Not only are you perpetuating the idea that femininity is inferior, you're taking away names from the boys. And, annoyingly, it seems as though the "boys names on girls are so spunky and cute!" group are (largely) THE SAME PEOPLE as the "omg you have your son a 'sissy' name, i must make a joke about his sexuality" group. Which i don't understand. You'd think the people arguing that any name can be unisex would delight in meeting a male Ashley, and think it was equal to the female Emerson they just gushed over...but from what I've seen, at least, they're generally horrified or mocking.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    Nevaeh- no explanation needed.

    Ellerie- I think it sounds like one letter short of celery. Right up there with Apple as a name. Why not Roccoli? or Ucchini?

    Gertrude, Gretchen, Greta, Edith, Igor, Dorothy, Thaddeus. Just an unpleasing sound to me.

    Any of the made-up Aidan names (Kaden, Zaden, Braydon, etc). In general, I can't stand about half of the invented names I hear.

    Adam-- but probably because I've only ever met one nice Adam!

    I associate several names like Destiny, Desiree, Serenity, Trinity as sounding like names for women in certain *adult* occupations.

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