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    Charlie/Charley and Davey/Daveigh

    What do you think of these names for a girl? They wouldn't be short for anything. I've been looking over our shortlist of names for Annie, and these were on it. I really love them, but I'm not sure if a) they would work well with such classics as Olive and Anneliese, and b) they would work well on a girl. What do you think?
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    I think both would look odd next to classics like Olive and Anneliese. I think that in this age, a female Charley or Davey (Daveigh looks really weird to me) wouldn't be unheard of (and will probably increase in recognition). To be perfectly frank, however, my boyfriend and the guys he hangs out with once agreed over a beer that "Charley on a girl is a stripper name." I really don't know where they got that (as opposed to the plethora of other options out there; none of them are really into that scene, so maybe they just don't know?), but that image is fairly ingrained in my mind now when I think of nicknamey boy names on girls. Alas! As for me, I don't mind them, but they do seem overly casual to me.
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    Charlie- Charlotte, Charlene, Charlaine, Charlise, Charla, Cherish, Charleeza, Charlisa, Chastity

    Maybe you like Devi for Devon, Devonne, Devorrah, Devine?

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    Charlie and Davey on their own for a girl? I'm going to have to go with no for that one. Especially next to Olive and Anneliese. Both of those names are very feminine. Davey/Charlie would be the odd-woman out. As a nickname for Charlotte, Charlie is cute.
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    I agree with pp. I dont think Charlie and Davey go well with Olive and Anneliese. I think Charlotte would be nice with the nickname Charlie.
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