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    Personally, I wouldn't. But I have my own "pet names" for each of my children, some that relate to their names, and some that have nothing to do with their names. It's just a way that I express my love for them. And so Joshua has become "Jay" and Noah (Brian) is often called "B." In our family and among his friends, our Joshua (he's almost 13) is still mostly called by his full name, even though none of us particularly dislike the nn "Josh," the full name just fits him better. But I have decided against using Jeremiah because I just don't like any of the nicknames, or names that it might get confused with (ie. Jeremy). And I know myself too well to know that I would be content with calling him by his full name every time. My name is Rachel, and I get so many people that try to call me, "Rach" Gah! I hate that! Seriously, it is like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. And that's not even a "natural" shortening of my name. I don't usually correct people though. I just figure that it isn't worth my time or effort. And I don't always say anything to the people who confuse my daughter, Autumn's name with Amber, even though I don't like that name either. I don't think it would be the same in every case, I just know that in my case in wouldn't work so well.

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    No. My fave boys name for this lil bub (if it is a boy!) is Jameson. We're using it as the middle name though because as a first name it would get shortened to Jamie, which i can't stand.
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