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    I didn't like the NN Artie for Arthur. But we used it. He gets called Artie sometimes and surprisingly I like it now. He gets called Arthur most of the time though, and DH has taken to calling him Thor. It's pretty cute.

    I didn't like Haze for Hazel either but I actually use it all the time for her now. Hazie, too.
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    I can't stand the nickname Gus, I think it's so unattractive but I really like the name August. I'd consider using it even though Gus is a nickname that can be used. I'd just correct others on it, or simply never call him Gus.

    Same with Victoria, I don't like Vicky at all, but it's still my number two name, I'll just call her Vee, Tori, Toria, Ria, or whatever else comes to mind.
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    We have an Alexander, and I strongly dislike the nn Alex. When people called him Alex as a baby/toddler, we corrected them to Alexander. Then eventually he started correcting people himself. No one calls him Alex. But he does like the nickname Xander and goes by that quite a bit now. So maybe we avoid the Alex by having a different nickname? I also have a friend with Christopher, Michael, and William -- none of them go by nicknames.
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    I somehow feel like this is less of an issue now. I've know a lot of Thomases, Elizabeths, Jennifers, etc. that just don't go by any nicknames. The formal, long name is acceptable and I've never even considered calling them Tom, Liz or Jen. There'll be the occasional jerk that insists on giving your child their own personal nickname because they think they have the right to, but most people, I think, will just use the name you or your child introduce them or themselves as.

    Victoria is this name for me. I probably wouldn't ever use it except in the middle, but if I used it in the first, I would worry about Vicky and Tori, because I hate both nicknames.
    As a side note, I'm the opposite about Gus to many posters! I love Gus, but not thrilled about August. Interesting.
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    My mother hates the nicknames Dan and Danny, but named my brother Daniel. I think that if you enforce the name from birth then people will call your child by their full name. A few of my brother's friends call my brother Dan sometimes, but he goes by Daniel.

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