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    I would and did! My daughter's name is Elizabeth but I can't stand the nickname Liz! Thankfully Elizabeth has many more nickname options than just Liz though
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    We plan on using Penelope and Elinor while I hate Penny and Ellie. I just plan on a no nicknames for as long as I can.
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    I like Benjamin but I also don't like Ben. I do quite like Benji or Jamie.

    i'm the same with Bradley I don't like Brad but I quite like Lee as a nickname.

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    I think I would if I REALLY loved the name. I do adore Alex, but even if I didn't my absolute LOVE for Alexander would outshine. I feel this way about Patrick. I would adore to have a little Patrick, but Pat, Rick, Paddy, Patch, etc. all make me shudder.

    Like many others have said, if you (and the child) keep insisting on Benjamin others will follow. I think a lot of people assume insisting means stopping everything and correcting people, but really it just means continuing to call the child/yourself by the name. I CONSTANTLY get called Jess, and it really took only a few weeks of calling myself Jessica, writing it at the top of papers, etc. for people to catch on and go with Jessica too. I'm sure if little Benjamin has "Benjamin" written on his lunch box, embroidered on his baby blankets and at the top of all his homework then that would be what people would go with. Hope this makes sense!

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    I love August but can't stand Gus. If I had an August he'd probably have to go by his full name all the time. I don't mind Gusty (or Gale I suppose!) or Gusto as much though.

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