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    Jamie could be a nn for Benjamin as well.

    But to answer your question, no, I'd never use a name if I hated the obvious nn's.
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    No way. Not if I hated it. I wouldn't want to spend my kid's early childhood as the annoying mom correcting everyoneonly to have my kid go by Ben (or whatever) through high school anyway!

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    Yes, because nicknames are not even something I consider when looking at names. It's funny that you used Benjamin as an example. I love Benjamin as well, and I've always known that if I ever got my Benjamin that I'd call him Bo for short. Ben, Benny, Benjy, etc never even crossed my mind.

    Also, just because you "hate" the nickname Ben doesn't mean your son will. Ben might fit him perfectly, and it might be the name your son chooses to call himself. There's really nothing you can do about it.
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    This is the problem I have with August. I love it as a name but I hate all the nicknames that go with it : /

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    Both my SO and his sister have very common names with very common nn's. His parents love both of the names but hated the nn's so they just insisted that the kids and their teachers enforce a no nn policy. His sister now has one nn and it's what he called her when he was little because he couldn't pronounce her name. Everything else is a complete no go. Both will just politely say "I prefer FULLNAME" when someone tries to give them a nn. So it's completely doable!

    I don't think it would be an issue provided you have the same policy for all your children (should you have a few). I'd find it weird if Benjamin and Mike (short for Michael) were brothers.
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