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    Would you ever use a name you only liked in full, even if you hated it's nickname?

    For example, I love the full name Benjamin but feel I could never use it because everyone would shorten in to Ben (which I hate) and there are no other obvious nicknames for it. I feel the same way about Joshua, Alexander and Oliver.
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    I probably wouldn't if I truly disliked all nicknames for the name. It won't matter if you correct people when they call him Ben (for example), they'll continue to do it his whole life until everyone but you calls him Ben. My brother had that happen. His name is Christopher. My mom and I are the only ones who call him by his full name. Everyone calls him Chris. He doesn't seem to mind, though he does prefer Christopher. In the end, it will be your child's name and they may not feel as strongly about the nickname as you do. So, if you really do hate the nn, I wouldn't do it. If you just prefer the full name, you can probably live with being the only person who calls him that.
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    No I'd never use it because even if you don't use a nickname other people will regardless and he may even opt for it as he gets older.

    It's the reason I'll probably avoid the name Eloise because I can't stand the nickname Ellie.
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    It depends on how much I love the name. And how many other nn options there were (and whether I liked any of them). And how badly I hated the nn.

    When I first fell for Isabelle, I quite strongly disliked the nn Izzy, and while I was worried about it, I knew I loved Isabelle enough that I could put up with other people calling her Izzy as long as I could still call her Isabelle/Belle/Bella/Elle/Ella. I've actually come around to Izzy--I like Belle/Bella/Elle/Ella more, but I wouldn't mind if she got Izzy occasionally. In fact, I think I'd use it from time to time.

    Once upon a time Benjamin was my favorite boys' name--and I love just Benjamin. I love Ben, too, but I like the full Benjamin more. I think you could do Benji or Jamie, though, if either of those appeal to you. But honestly, if it makes you feel better, my cousin has a four-year-old Benjamin, and he's gotten Benny, and Benji, and many, many times Benjamin, but I hardly ever hear him get called Ben. In fact, I think he's Benjamin about 90% of the time.

    Good luck!
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    It would depend on how common the name is. For example, it's unrealistic to name a child Michael and not expect him to get Mike at some point; or Matthew and not expect Matt. However, I feel you could reasonably enforce a rule that a child with a less common name goes only by the long form. For example, Barnaby and not Barney.
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