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    It would depend on how common the name is. For example, it's unrealistic to name a child Michael and not expect him to get Mike at some point; or Matthew and not expect Matt. However, I feel you could reasonably enforce a rule that a child with a less common name goes only by the long form. For example, Barnaby and not Barney.

    My husband and I recently decided we both love Mathias (his great, great grandfather's name) and would use it even though the nickname of "Matt" is a possibility (which we hate). We'd call him Ty or Tias (tie-us) and correct anyone who tried calling him Mat/Matt, but I don't think this will be nearly as much of an issue as it would if his name were Matthew.
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    Nathaniel is probably limited to middle name use only for me since both my DH and I strongly dislike Nate.

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    I would still use it if I really really loved it. I love Patrick, but hate Pat as a nickname, but still considered it for DS1. (Dh overruled it though.) I've noticed that people will eventually call the child what they hear the parents call the child. If they hear you always say Benjamin, they will use Benjamin too. They might slip and call him Ben from time to time, but Benjamin will probably dominate.

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    I have full names I love but won't use because I hate the nicknames. I wish I could, but I just know that even if I try to enforce it, the child or the child's friends might not and then I'll end up hearing the dreaded nickname, so I keep those names reserved for the middle name spot.

    Here is my list:

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    I agree with Joshua. Also, Edward.
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