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    Ahh I am having the same issue with Patrick!
    I think most people will respect your wishes but there will always be one or two who will call him Ben. I love both Ben and Benjamin though !
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    Me personally, no I wouldn't not if I actually hated the nicknames, because I know people will shorten it.

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    I've considered this, because, while I love the name Elisabeth/Elizabeth, I have an irrational dislike for the nickname Beth. Lately, I've been leaning more towards using Eliza, to avoid using the despised nickname.
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    I would definately choose a name I likes in full but did not like the nicknames for. In your case, I think you would be just fine because as far back as I can remember, if someone has a name usually nicknamed like Benjamin or Matthew, the teacher always says "Ben or Benjamin" when calling role the first day and whichever the child decides is what they are called both by the teacher and the kids in the class. Usually they make a blacket statement that anyone who prefers to go by a nickname or middle let them know.

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    I also have to vote "no". I love the name Frederick, but I sadly crossed it off our list because I strongly dislike Fred and Freddie. I just don't want to have to correct everyone all the time, and part of me feels like Fred is unavoidable. It's so disappointing because I think Frederick is such a great name, but my love for Frederick doesn't outweigh my dislike of Fred. Oh well!
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