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    Please help me name my daughter

    Hi I am due my second daughter in 8 weeks and still dont have a name.

    Her sister is called Carragh (pro. Cara)

    Some of the names I like but my partner isnt keen on are


    I don't want a name that is really common but I don't want one that is too out there either. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them as I am sick of trawling the internet looking for the perfect name lol Thanks x

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    I love Imogen and Freya. I like Mirren but I think you should consider Marin or Miriam. Your daughter, Carragh, has what seems like an Irish spelling to her name (don't know if that was intended). So, what about an Irish names? I like Bridget and Ashlyn. I also like Ainsley, not sure if that's an Irish name. I hope this helps!!
    All the best,

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    I love these interesting names:
    When I was fourteen I nannied twin infants named Ellery and Rylin, and I LOVE those names now. So cute.

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    Thankyou both for replying.
    I am liking Bridget and Ellery from both your suggestions.
    Yes we did intend to spell my daughters name with an Irish spelling, we are Scottish so have been more inclined towards Scottish/Irish names. I have looked at Scottish/Irish names again this time and there are some I like but I feel I am just seeing the same ones over and over again and boring myself of them.

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    I've never heard of Cleona before, but I must say I really like it. Cleo is such a sweet NN too. Just depends where you stand on repeating initials. My second choice would be Mirren
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