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Thread: Alina?

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    How do you feel about the Slavic name Alina pronounced a-LEE-na? I came across it, and it sounded kind of pretty.

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    Re: Alina?

    I think it's gorgeous! I prefer it to the more popular Alayna/Alaina. I know a 2 year old named Alina Geneiveve, she's a doll and her name is perfect!
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    Re: Alina?

    I like Alina, mostly because two of my favourite nn's are Lina/Lena and Allie and this name allows you to use either!

    It is a very pretty name in it's own right too but will possibly get confused with Elina/Elena - not that I think that's a problem!
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    Re: Alina?

    I think it's lovely, shame it's too close to my own name, otherwise I might consider it. Ha I guess that makes me sound really vain!

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    Re: Alina?

    I love the name Alina! It is a beautiful Russian name, and would go well with a classic middle name, such as Catherine or Victoria.

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