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    What's so great about Maeve?

    I've been thinking a lot about the option of Maeve as a first name lately. For me it falls into the 'underused but familiar' category (I work in childcare and have yet to meet a single little Maeve) and I can imagine it ageing well. BUT, Maeve seems to get so many mentions on Nameberry (although perhaps more commonly as a middle) and is often in the pop cloud on the homepage.

    So, Berries, can you please tell me...

    1. What's so great about Maeve? What do you think of when you picture this name? Any thoughts on pro and cons?


    2. Is Maeve becoming too popular? (Or not yet, but soon set to skyrocket?) Or is her popularity more of a Nameberry thing?

    Thanks for your help!
    Oh, and I'm based in Australia, if that has any bearing on your comments(?)
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one...

    EDIT: Pam and Linda - any comment?
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    I definitely think her popularity is more of a nameberry thing than real life. I've only ever met one little girl named Maeve and she's five years old and has a sister named Esther (adore those 2 together).

    Maeve is has simple, straightforward sound. It has the feminine sound of 'Mae' but is a lot more complete and less filler than just Mae on it's own. I like that is looks really girly but sounds strong at the same time. It's uncommon and unlikely to shoot up too far in terms of popularity. It flows well with a lot of names without being filler and that's why it's a perfect middle name choice.

    I picture a gorgeous little blonde girl, and she is just so happy and lively and I just have a real positive image about the nam Maeve.
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    I live in Southern US and I have never met or heard of a Maeve in real life. When I suggested the name to my husband he thought I made it up. It would seem that it is not as familiar to my friends and family as it is to people on Nameberry, so I'm not sure about your "underused but familiar" categorization of it. I guess it just depends where you live.

    I definitely think it is more popular on Nameberry than in real life, and I don't imagine it skyrocketing any time soon.

    I like Maeve, but more for the look and spelling than the sound. As far as sounds go, I prefer Maeva.

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    1. I like Maeve because it's short and sweet. I picture a girl that is adventurous and outdoorsy. A pro is that Maeve is easy to say and spell. A con is that it's uncommon and being a filler middle name for than a first name.

    2. No I don't think Maeve is becoming too popular. I think Maeve's popularity more of a Name-berry/baby-name site delicacy.
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    I'm no help, I'm afraid, I don't see the appeal in Maeve at all. I like Maya, Macy, and even Mary much more. May/Mae, too. It's just one of those I can't see the appeal of; I can't imagine it on an actual person (child or otherwise), and the "V" at the end sounds sort of awkward. It's just not for me, but I would respect it if I saw it on someone else's child.
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