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    In a world of Emma's and Emily's...

    Do you think Emilia is boring? With most other Em- names being extemely popular and Amelia also finding herself in the limelight quite a bit, would Emilia just get lumped in to that same catagory? Also, what are your general thoughts on Emilia? Millie would probably be my preferred nickname for her. TIA
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    I don't particularly like Emilia. It just seems a bit forced and too much like Emma and Emily. I do, however, adore Millie. You could always name her Millie.
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    Personally, yes with all these popular Em- names, I find it boring. Other than that, my general opinion is that it's a fine name, but I vastly prefer Amelia. I pronounce them differently and I like the soft AH sound at the beginning of Amelia to the nasally EM at the beginning of Emilia. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    If you want to avoid the possibility of yet another Emmie, you could take an alternative route to Millie, like Camilla or Milena.

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    Sadly yes, I do find it a bit boring, it's too much like all the other Em names out there.

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