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Thread: Marie?

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    We're choosing a backup name for Edith -- last time, we took two names to the hospital in case our first choice didn't fit -- and Marie seems to be edging out Abigail. We definitely want Marie as the FIRST name, as it's so common and bland as a middle name. The problem is, we can't think of any middle names that sound nice with it. Our daughter's name is Sara Lorraine, so we'd like to stick with the same sort of pattern and pick a non-French name to go with Marie. Any help appreciated! Multiple suggestions would be great, as we may be interested in a double-barrel first name if we can find the right combination as well. Thanks!

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    I like Marie as a first name, it's refreshing. The only problem is that there aren't many middle names that flow well!
    Marie Kate
    Marie Larke
    Marie Pearl
    Marie Brynn
    Marie Ross

    What about Mary?
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    I love Marie as a fist name- my great-grandmother from France was a Marie. I think a longer middle name would go best with Marie.
    A few ideas:

    Marie Charlotte
    Marie Annaliese
    Marie Caroline (pronounced Car-oh-lynn)
    Marie Francesca
    Marie Helena
    Marie Matilda
    Marie Paloma
    Marie Theresa
    Marie Sylvia

    Hope that helps!

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    I agree that Marie is very nice as a first name!

    How about:
    Marie Caroline
    Marie Abigail (since that was a second choice)
    Marie Josephine
    Marie Isla
    Marie Victoria (I really like this one!)
    Marie Winter

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