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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmonaut View Post
    I wasn't offended, more surprised. Jacob is a special case, I agree, but there does seem to be a huge contingent of folks here who associate boy names on girls with the Apocalypse or Plague, and I guess I don't get it. Could be regional, maybe? Or upbringing? Or age category? But you're right, of course, I don't have to read.

    I'm sure all of us have at some point had to deal with people hating on our favourites.

    My comment came out meaner than I intended, so for that I'm sorry! What I should've said is, I'm surprised that people seem to really think being a girl/woman with a boy name is this great travesty, when the reality is, aside from the making fun that likely happens in the 'private' sphere (like on forums where we're all virtually anonymous) having a boy name isn't the life-ruiner people make it out to be. People can name their own kids whatever they like. The judgment towards other people's kids' names seems occasionally unwarranted.
    The main problem that most people have is that it's a double standard. You wouldn't name your boy Annabelle right?

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    I don't like it. She won't die of shame because of her name but she probably will get annoyed if she already isn't annoyed by the constant reactions and people thinking she is a boy all her life. It would get very tiresome in my opinion. I can see some boys names working, but this name is too popular for boys. I do like Jacoba.

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    I have a friend with a feminine first name and her middle is Kevyn. It's kind of a double-whammy in that it's a masculine name and she gets a lot of "no really, what's your middle name?" and that they tried to feminize it by using the y. But it's in the middle and she doesn't go by it, so it doesn't matter as much.

    While I think some girls wouldn't be bothered by having a boy's name, or would even feel positive about it, I could it being a sore spot for some girls who might be more sensitive on the topic. When I was young and establishing my self-image and gender identity, I often lamented having a "boy's name", Alex, and it's one that's as generally accepted on a girl as a boy. Now that I'm an adult, and not a particularly girly one, I feel it suits me well, but there was a time where I feel I was sort of trying to prove my femininity, although this may have been a stage I would have gone through either way.
    I did try to switch at one point to going by Lexie, but when everyone you know is used to calling you one thing, it can be difficult to get them to all change to calling you something else. Plus, by now I prefer Alex anyway so I'm glad I wasn't successful.

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    I know a Charles,Colbie,Kody, and Michael(3) that are women
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    I'd assume Colbie was a girl anyway.

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