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    I wouldn't associate Gray with the book at all. I think Peregrine Gray sounds really good!

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    I wouldn't be too worried about it, especially in the middle spot, and especially with the varied spelling of Gray. Once the movies come out the names Grey and Greyson will probably have a brief spike in popularity, but I would expect it to die back down pretty quickly. As others have said, the actual book is already finished with it's 15 minutes of fame. (I read it, it was poorly written, I will not read the next two, nor will I go see the movies). Some people might occasionally wonder, but as it would mean admitting they read and enjoyed these books they might not even voice their assumptions, lol. I certainly don't expect the general public to constantly ask you if that was the reason you chose to name your son Peregrin Gray (which is a very cute and dashing name for a little boy). His character does not exclusively own the name. First and foremost it's a color before it's a surname and parents have been using it for years before this "book" was ever an issue.
    To me it seems more Dorian Gray than Christian Grey anyhow. =]

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    Thanks again for all the input- especially since it means I get to tell Hubbie I was right
    I just adore this site!
    <3 emily ila

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