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    Question Is Gray still okay?

    My husband and I are expecting, but don't know the gender yet. We have tentatively agreed on Peregrine for a boy and are deciding on middle names. When we had talked about this in the past we both liked Gray, but now he feels it is too associated with the "50 Shades" book. I think the spelling is enough to differentiate, but would hate to be wrong!

    I put it to you, Berries. Is Gray still usable or will it leave all our relatives with akward questions about the conception?

    Thanks for your advice!
    Emily Ila
    <3 emily ila

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    Totally ok, I wouldn't associate it with that. But that may be because I love the name. I wouldn't worry about it! The 50 Shades obsession will die down very quickly, and after that no on will even make the association (if they did in the first place).
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    Gray is fine. I would seriously question anyone who thinks you named your son after porn.

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    I wouldn't worry about 50 Shades of Gray. I don't like it just because it's super trendy right now and personally it's become annoying for me.

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    I would use it and spell it as Grey especially if Peregrine is the first name as the 'e's' match up well.


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