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    I need some weird ones!

    Okay...maybe not weird exactly, but different (and sometimes different is construed as weird). I'm trying to compile a list of options that aren't something you hear every day and maybe even never. I don't like made up names! I want real names with history but not really familiar. For example, you may not hear the name Genevieve or Maeve on a lot of little girls but they're probably still fairly recognizable to most people. I want names that you don't hear everyday or even most days as the case may be!

    I like hippy/nature names or really anything that sounds like it may be from the future or the really far past. I also like names that sound like they could be fairy/fae/elven names. Just something different!

    *Edit* I'm sorry if I'm not explaining myself very well. I want names that are obscure but not awful tongue twisters. When I say older names I don't mean vintage or granny chic. I mean names that probably haven't been used much in the last few hundred years, give or take. Also "fairy" names that conjure up images of nature and magic and sparkly-beautiful-fairyland and green meadows and magical forests...I don't know if that helps at all but it's the best I can do. Maybe once there are some suggestions I can give a better idea of what I'm looking for.
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