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    Need a brother for Miro

    sorry i posted this in the wrong spot.
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    I have an Eli and there are a bunch of them, but it is still a great name! Also, I don't think your name being Alice rules out your son being Elias. He calls you Mom!

    I have a cousin named Tyler. I really like that name, boyish and fun. My cousin Tyler has 6 brothers--maybe you'll like one of their names: Troy, Trent, Travis, Taran, Tate, Tad.

    Good luck!

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    Hi again,
    I thought of a few more names for you that are similar sounding

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    Tyler - hate it.
    Caleb - okay, not my thing, but the best of his choices, and if you both like it worrying about the popularity is probably not necessary. It isn't my think but it is miles ahead of Tyler and Trent.
    Trent - yuck.

    Silas - I like it.
    Sebastian - I don't like it.
    Micah - I love it.

    Other ideas
    Similar to Micah - Miles, Moses, Malcolm. Michael was very well-used and over-popular in the '50s-'70s but now not so much at all for babies. I love Malachi but it's probably too long for you.

    2 syllable T name like Tyler/Trent (but nicer) - Tristan, Tobin, Theo, Theon.

    2 syllable Biblical names like Micah and Caleb and Silas: Cyrus, Reuben, Asher, Isaac, Eli, Levi, Ezra, Samson, Felix. I don't think Eli is as popular as Elijah. And I think it's less popular than Tyler or Caleb.

    Hard C/K names like Caleb: Cillian, Kemuel, Connor, Callum, Corbin, Kalman, Kelvin.

    -Er ending like Tyler: Asher, Arthur, Connor, Keifer.

    Random 1 syllable names I like: Joel, Saul, Heath, Rhys, Rhett, Jude, Zane.

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