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    Question Husband has terrible taste in names

    Ok, not really. But I really don't like his name picks, and he really doesn't like mine. We just have completely different naming styles and I have no idea what to name this baby. We're expecting a boy. We have 2 older kids- Jonah and Caroline. How we ever agreed on those 2 names I'm not sure.

    My husband's name choices: Tyler, Caleb, Trent
    My name choices: Silas, Sebastian, Micah

    Our last name is fairly long and difficult to pronounce/spell- so we're looking for a first name that would be somewhat "easy"- something fairly recognizable so that hopefully he won't have to explain it too much... but also not too popular (I'm ruling out the top 50 most popular names). I feel like my husband's choices are too common and/or too "macho" sounding, while my husband thinks my names sound too feminine (he thinks Micah sounds like a girl's name) or too old (he insists that Silas is an old man name).

    We both like Eli but it's just too common. (Actually, I like Caleb also but it's too common for me... my husband isn't too concerned with popularity).

    Any suggestions? I'm getting nervous that we're never going to find a name we both really like...

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    I suggest that you look up and it will give you lots of choices. Good Luck.


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    K so, here is my take. Tyler and Caleb are not too macho. Trent could go either way to be honest. I agree with him on your names being a bit... erm, soft. Silas however, I do like. Syler may be one you can both get behind. It combines the softer Sy sound of Silas, and the "ler" of his Tyler.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    @ninanoo I love Syler! It's in my top 10. I second the suggestion.

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    I do love Trent and Micha. Not a fan of Sebastian at all though it reminds me of the crab from the little mermaid

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