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    Maeve is one of those names I never got the appeal of. May/Mae is nice. Eve is pretty. But Maeve? Blech! If I want a one syllable, uncommon middle name, I'd pick anything but Maeve, sorry.
    I'm really loving

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    I have a 4 year old niece named Maeve. She has dark hair and is always happy! I think it's a really nice name, unfussy but feminine too. I don't see popularity being an issue .

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    I like it! I think it entered the US via Ryan's Hope a million years ago, and to me it's a more substantial one-syllable name. It's the only long-A name I like--can't stand Grace, Blake, Lake or the Aiden/ayden/Aidan family. I wouldn't use it because it rhymes with husband's name (Dave), and it could be one of those names that could be a spelling nightmare for either the unfamiliar person hearing the name of the first time, or for people who see a blank slate.

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    To me, Maeve is one of those names that LOOKS so beautiful written out, but I just don't care for the sound of it much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metami43 View Post
    This is a name I have seen and never heard and therefore do not know how to pronounce it. Ma Eve, Maaave, Meeve ? Mauve?

    I think I do not care for it because I don't know how it sounds
    Maeve is pronounced MAYV - one syllable.

    Thanks everyone for your input. Really interesting to read so many mixed responses to this name, despite it's popularity on Nameberrry as a whole.

    Rather than feeling ugly or 'blah', I think of it as quite feminine and strong. I'm pleased to see that most agree it's a Nameberry delicacy, rather than a name skyrocketing in the real world. I don't need a super unique name, but would definitely prefer to stay out of the top 20 where possible.

    After grappling with Greer, Scarlett and Imogen as first name contenders, we are now definitely considering Maeve for the first name place for our girl, due early next year. It is by far her Dad's favourite. It would mean alliteration with her first and last names, but we've made peace with that and actually quite like the sound of it with our last name (M00die) now.

    Though I love our other contenders, Maeve seems perhaps easier to wear than Greer (feedback has told me that many people find this awkward to say), doesn't have the popularity worries of Imogen (there are lots of little Imogen's in Australia!), and feels a little more down to earth than the possible 'diva' sounding (and popular) Scarlett.

    I had wanted to see if negative reactions to the name (I appreciate all comments, by the way!!) would deter me, but I'm still finding I like it.

    Anyone out there think that we should just go for it?
    For those of your who do see the appeal, can you push me over the line with your affirmations about why Maeve is a good choice amongst the Chloe/Ava/Ruby/Mia/Isabella birth-announcement crowd?

    Thanks for your continued help!!!
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