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    I don't know, honestly. I don't see the appeal. I love irish names, but Maeve just seems so blah and has a really dated sound to me. I'm with Lexikj on this one - I also think it has a lot of unlikable rhyming words (such as slave).
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    Oh, I love it. It's my top contender!!
    Simple, strong, feminine. And not too popular at all, I don't think.

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    This is a name I have seen and never heard and therefore do not know how to pronounce it. Ma Eve, Maaave, Meeve ? Mauve?

    I think I do not care for it because I don't know how it sounds
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    I don't know a Maeve of any age and I don't love the name. I'll be checking here to see what others have to say about the merits of the name...I'd love to get a fresh perspective on it, as it is well-loved on this site!

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    I don't know why everyone adores just seems to be a likeable name!
    I'm drawn to it because it seems old fashioned but also original and not over popular.

    And I don't think you'll have a problem with it becoming super popular since the people i talk to in the outside world don't really like the name, they like the more classic ones.
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