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    Advice... Gavi??

    My husband and I are expecting our first child, a girl, in May. Though we are similar in every other way, coming up with a name for our new addition has been disastrous! What's important to him: that it be a name she can grow old with. What's important to me: that her name reflect reverence for God AND be uncommon. Growing up as a Jessica meant always being "Jessica D.", therefore common names lose all personality IMO. Please share your thoughts on this, I have absolutely fallen for the name Gavi. I love the sound and the meaning: The Lord is my strength. I think Gavi is definitely a timeless name that will not have to be shared with classmates.
    Thanks in advance!

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    While I like the meaning, I find Gavi a bit too short, cutesy and nicknamey for a full name. It also looks like the boys name Gavin with the "n" chopped off. A timeless name is a name that has been around for ages, doesn't follow any trends, can't be pigeonholed to a certain timeframe and sounds good from childhood to maturity (eg. Elizabeth, William, James, Katherine). Sadly, I have to disagree with your opinion because I don't think Gavi can be defined as "timeless". There is Gabriella or Gavriella nn Gavi.
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    I think Gavi needs a full name, the *i* ending and shortness makes it feel less substantial.

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    I love the history behind Gavi, and it's very spunky, but I would use Gavriella as a full name.
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