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    I used to love Oliver many years ago when it wasn't so popular in the UK. Nowadays, all I hear is Oliver and Ollie (even Ollie ranks in the top 100 as a stand alone name) so it is so annoying to my ears right now. Depending on where you are Oliver Reid could be a pretty handsome choice.

    Edison Jude, Silas Oliver and Everett Clark are all perfect choices and my favourites from your list.
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    I love your choices a lot. I love the Everett Clark option over Leander. I don't love Alexander as much as Atticus and I'm not sure I love the two names paired together, so this option was my least favorite.

    However, the other 4 options are so great! I think if I have to rank them it would be as follows:

    1) Everett Clark (I just ADORE Rhett as a nn!!!)
    2) Oliver Reid (I love the flow of this, as well as being a fan of both names individually)
    3) Edison Jude (I like how this seems a little antique without being stuffy)
    4) Silas Oliver (I like this, but the only reason I put it at 4 was because Silas will probably be called Cy, which I dislike)
    5) Alexander Atticus (for previously stated reasons)
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    1. Oliver Reid (Very nice.)
    2. Edison Jude (I like both names, although there is a bit too much "D" in this combination for me.)
    3. Silas Oliver (I love the name Silas, although not so much with Oliver. I love: Silas Graham, Silas Gray.)
    4. Everett (nn Rhett) Leander or Everett Clark (Everett Leander is great.)
    5. Alexander Atticus (Too much A in this combination. I like Alexander, nn Xander. I am starting to shy away from Atticus.)

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    @carly12 haha not at all! We definitely have similar tastes then

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    1. Oliver Reid - Like it! Oliver is a bit popular but it's a nice name.
    2. Edison Jude - Edison is just ok. Love Jude though!
    3. Silas Oliver - Really like both names, but I'm not sure if I like them together. Looking at other names here, maybe Silas Alexander or Silas Reid?
    4. Everett (nn Rhett) Leander or Everett Clark - LOVE Everett, though I'm not the biggest fan of Rhett. I think both middle names sound fine with it, but I prefer Clark.
    5. Alexander Atticus - Alexander is nice. Don't like Atticus.
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