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    Critique my top 5!

    Our last name is two syllables ending in -in

    1. Oliver Reid
    2. Edison Jude
    3. Silas Oliver
    4. Everett (nn Rhett) Leander or Everett Clark
    5. Alexander Atticus

    We both tend to like traditional names, but don't want to make it too boring. What do you think?

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    1. Oliver Reid - I like Reid but the last letter in Oliver blends into it. I don't like Oliver very much. Oliver Jude, however would flow better.
    2. Edison Jude - Makes me think of Thomas Edison, who I do not admire at all. I do love Jude though.
    3. Silas Oliver - I love Silas.
    4. Everett (nn Rhett) Leander or Everett Clark - I love both of these combos. Everett Clark maybe slightly more. I do think Leander is gorgeous though.
    5. Alexander Atticus - I am chilly on Atticus but it's okay, and I love Alexander.

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    Oliver Reed (I prefer Reed over Reid) is gorgeous! You have nice taste since Oliver is my son's name
    Edison Jude-love love love! So happy to see someone that likes Edison.
    Silas Oliver- Oh goodness. Oh goodness. I adore this.
    I prefer Everett Clark (My son's middle name is Clarke). I think it flows better too.
    Alexander Atticus-lovely!

    I absolutely adore your naming style.

    Darcy Adeline ~~ Oliver Dayton Ellis ~~ Jonah Tobias Clarke

    Blessed to be a mother of 3

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    Thanks for the feedback! I think I might be cooling on Atticus, used to be my #1. Reid is a family name. abm_smm, I think we must have very similar taste. Adeline was my #1 for a girl, and I named my dog Darcy (I hope you don't take that as an insult-- As I don't have kids, I put about a month of agonizing into choosing a name for her!)

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    Oliver Reid - 10/10 I love this one! It flows perfectly.
    Edison Jude - 5/10 Not a huge fan of surname names but I do like Jude
    Silas Oliver - 2/10 Doesn't flow well to me but I love the name Silas
    Everett Leander - 5/10 I like Everett and the name Rhett, but not Leander
    Everett Clark - 10/10 I know I said I didn't like surname names but this name flows great
    Alexander Atticus - 1/10 Not loving the double A beginnings. Also, the names both have harsh letters like X and T

    Best of luck to you!!
    All the best,

    Charlotte Noelle
    Baby boy due February 16th, 2013

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