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    At least when parents name their twins Denis and Denise or Charles and Charlotte they have their OWN names.
    But Katherine (Katie), Katherine (Kate) and Katherine or George Jr, George III, George IV and George V is just mean. It's like saying "sorry but none of you are good enough for a different name." or "I can't be bothered to come up with something else".

    Up until a few years ago Germany had naming rules where you had to prove your childs name was an actual name. So if you wanted to name your child Babydoll you'd have to not only prove that it was a given name with history (one other child being given that name didn't count) and it had to be used for the same gender. So a precedent of a little girl named Babydoll didn't give you the legal right to name your son Babydoll. While it feels a bit restrictive at least it was impossible for name your child Hashtag. Sometimes I feel like legal guidelines would make sense. I'm not sure what they would look like but at the very least it should be illegal to give your child names like Sh*thouse, N*gger, or Whoops. (Not that I've ever heard of any of those but with Hashtag, Lol and the like you never know).
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    My mom's a twin, her name is Brenda Lee and her brother is Bradley Richard. Not too bad, but they did get called Brenda Lee and Brad-a-ley by family. I think this combo is worse though, they went to school with a set of twins that were Romeo and Juliet.

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    Oh, I just remembered some more! In college, I stood in line at the financial aid office behind another student who was having problems due to a mix-up between her records and her twin sister's. Their confusing names were Tonya (pronounced like it looks) and Tanya (pronounced with a short a sound in the first syllable, like the color). Horrible.

    Another poster reminded me that I also knew twins named Ron and Don in high school. I think a lot of twins in my generation got stuck with the rhyming names!

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    In my daughter's classes, she's had sisters named Sasha & Tasha and Claudette & Cosette.
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    Twins/GG: Madison & Madilyn who also have sisters Hayley & Taylor
    Twins/GG: Sharon & Karen
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    Siblings/GG: Cheri & Jeri
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    Aforementioned Jamey went on to continue the Y theme by naming her own daughters Alyxa (prn Alexa), Abigayle (Abby), Addyson (Addy) and Avery
    Siblings/BBBGGG: Ricky, Johnny, Sonny, Jenny, Jami, Jan (all full names, not nn's)

    Other naming blunders not involving multiples or sibsets:

    Serria prn Sierra
    Hayley H**ley (rhymes with Schooley) FN & surname

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