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    My ex is named Andrew, and his sister is named Amanda. It's a lovely sibset until you learn that their parents call them Andy and Mandy.

    I know a set of sisters named Jennifer and Jenny.

    I grew up living with one of my mother's friends for a while. There were 3 kids each, so 6 total. My mother's friend had two sons named William Patrick (Jr.) and Patrick William. Her daughter was named Ashley Marie, and I was Ashley Rose. Yep. It was confusing.

    I know three sisters named Brianna, Shyanna, and Dianna. Their mother's name is Anna.

    I recently came across someone on facebook whose daughters' middle names were Isabelle, Corabelle, Mirabelle, and Lirabelle. I actually found that to be tasteful as they all had different first names and it tied them together without being tooooo cutesy.
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