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    Quote Originally Posted by lilauburn13 View Post
    I know
    -twin girls named Gabriella and Jordan (Don't get this one. Why choose one ultra feminine name, and one unisex name.)
    -twin boys named Marquez and Manquez
    -quads named (2 girls, 2 boys) Christopher, Christian, Christa and Chrissy
    -Sophia, Julietta, Isabella and Jane (Poor plain Jane)
    -Lily, Leila, Lyla, Lola and Lulu
    -Peter, Parker and Piper (2 boys, 1 girl)
    Tell me this is a joke.

    I'd have to say my family is pretty crummy with sibsets.
    There's Brandon, Tyrell, Aubrey (boy), and Monty. Though Brandon has a different mom, Tyrell has a different mom, and Aubrey and Monty have the same mom. So likely a factor in the naming. Ages are very different too. 23, 13ish, 6ish, and 4ish.

    My SO's cousins are Mckella, Makenna, and Maisie. I think...I know Makenna and Maisie are for sure, I think the third is Mckella. Idk for sure.

    His mom and her siblings are all Es - Elise, Elaine, Eileen, Ellen, Edward, Earl, maybe a few others in there.

    I know of brothers named Jacob, Kayden, and Phoenix.

    Those are all that comes to mind atm.
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    I have met twins Karen and Sharon, twins Donny and Danny, and sibs DeAndre, DeMarcus, DeVonte, and DeShawn.

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    I forgot the twins Gwendolyn and Guinevere - both nicknamed Gwen!

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    I went to high school with twin girls names Vanessa and Veronica

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    I don't know if these are cute or whether people would think they are tacky...

    Dixie and Lolly

    Sisters January and July, and their brothers December and August. [Yes, each one was named after the month they were born in.]

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