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    I knew a Chris and Kristen irl and on Project Runway one of the home visits introduced us to Christopher's sister Christina--they had another sister with her own name but I forget what it was.

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    I have several multiples in my family. The worst ones would be twins Michele and Michael, Kiley and Riley and triplets Richard, Russel and Ronald. Other twins that are named a bit better are Eugene and Gloria, Dylan and Jarod, and Sophia and Lauren.

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    Twins in my junior high school class: Sharon and Karon.

    Joseph, Maurice and Precious.

    Queen and Princess. (the meanest girls in my high school).

    Three girls - Timothy, Holly, Laurel (all named after grasses) and brother ... Fred.

    Maria and Mario.

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    When I was in elementary school I lived near a family that had named all three daughters Katherine. The oldest went by Kate, the middle one went by Katie, and the youngest used her full name.
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    When I met siblings (not twins) Jada and Jaden I immediately thought of how confusing it must be. I know a Clara (clair-ah prn.) who always felt her name was too close to her sister Carol's, especially on the phone and with mail and such.
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