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    It's a boy!! Please help me get serious!!!!

    Hello fellow berries!!! Me again I couldn't take the suspense and decided to find out the gender. It's a boy!!! My list needs some serious help! No one in my family likes my style, so their suggestions have been a little... Frustrating. My list is very bizarre to them so we're having quite the conflict. I'm looking for a strong, masculine, uncommon name. Something with history or nature related. Cool and unique but nothing sissy if he were to walk into a bar and introduce himself at 30 years old maybe something space or astronomy related? Greek Gods, etc.. I know y'all have some hidden gems so PLEASE feel free to leave suggestions. I'm very open!!

    Ps, my daughters name is Arabella Snow. If she had been a boy it would have been Ezra Lux. My friend used Ezrah for her girl and it's becoming quite popular so Ezra is out. Sad face!

    Fox- as a first or middle.





    Wilder- maybe middle?

    Taj- hubby is Todd E. He is ok with Taj Ezra for the initials. I'm not sure.

    Viggo- love but everyone hates. Viggo Storm or Viggo Wolfgang is so my style!


    Mars- middle

    Storm- middle

    Yves- I love for a first, but too feminine when called out on a playground? Maybe a middle?

    Casper- Caspian?


    Remi- Remington is getting popular.


    Lux- middle

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I feel like I used to have more historically relevant names on my list.. My brain is shot from name game overload. You guys get the idea tho!! Please help
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    Congratulations first and foremost!

    Axl, Wilder, Storm, Major: While these are certainly badass, they come off as the exact opposite of what you want. You want a strong name, but to me they sound like overcompensating. I'll confess, I had a love affair with the name Storm in the past. I don't think these names are bad (with the exception of Major. You want a baby name, not a military rank), but I might confine them to the middle, or at least pair them with a less brutally masculine middle to balance things out.

    Fox, Beau, Remi: I think these are totally safe. I love Remi especially and would love to see more people use it!

    Atlas, Viggo, Casper/Caspian: A little unusual, but not bad. Maybe I'm biased, but I'm really feeling Caspian lately. I also like Atlas a lot. Casper is a long time favourite of mine, but I prefer the Caspar spelling. Looking at these names, I thought the combo Caspian Viggo would be stunning! It sounds adventurous and romantic to me!

    Whittaker: Too much of a last name for me personally.

    Taj, Hiro: The Tajs I've met have both been Muslim, so I would think it be weird on anyone else. Same for Hiro, except I think it would be odd on anyone not of Japanese descent.

    Mars, Yves, Lux: I guess this is my leftover pile. I don't have many strong feelings about these names, but Mars sounds like it would be hard to wear. Yves doesn't strike me as particularly feminine (and if it sounds that way to other people, so what?). Might be associated with Yves St. Laurent perfume brand though. Lux definitely sounds feminine to me though, and I've only ever seen it around here when used on girls.

    Rome: Kind of weird if the parents have no connection to said place.

    Anyway, I hope that didn't come off as too harsh. I hope I helped, even if just a little!
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    Thank you so much!! That does help! I'm ok with letting major go. I've never met a Taj in person but I associate it with Taj Mowry, the super cute actor. I'm partial to Atlas and Fox but feel like I may be over looking a gem by being stuck on them. Viggo is my guilty pleasure but I'm American. Midwestern at that, so people just aren't appreciating it the way I do. They think it's weird. (But names like blaydenn and bexleigh aren't?! Sheesh) Same with Yves. I adore how it looks but Eve is very popular for girls. But you're right, who cares?! Thank you again for the input!!

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    Whittaker is really cute. I also love Remi (However remington is a gun brand. Remi only) , Wilder and Atlas. The rest I personally can do without. How about?

    Brady (Top choice)
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    × Lacey Seraphina × Amity Luella × Naomi Poppy × Iris Mckenna ×

    × Donovan Wilder × Pierce Hugo × Orion Harold × Alfie Josiah ×
    × Darwin Alexander × Rory Atlas × Calloway Auden × Sullivan Knox ×

    × Dawn Alice × Tessa Marigold × Eliza Holly × Haven Elise ×

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    Henley and Brady aren't bad! I wonder if Henry flows better with Arabella?

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