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    I go to school with siblings named Tyler and Taylor. There's another set of underclassmen twins named Angelina and Angela.

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    When I was younger I had a friend named Danielle, and her older sisters were Michelle and Janelle.

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    Jennifer (Jenny) and Penelope (Penny). They're probably about 30 now. I always wondered how Jenny felt about getting stuck with the most popular name, or if Penny felt like an odd duck (she's the only non-international Penelope I've met who's over 5).
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    There were 4 sisters named Jonessa, Jolisa, Jocelyna, and Jodiana...all nicknamed Jo???

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    I know a family with a Sedra and a Sephra. Not even twins--probably about 10 years apart in age. Their other two children's names weren't related or even unusual. The other girl was Lara. I can't remember the boy's name.

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