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    I know some guy who had Christopher and Christian with wife number one - and then had another Christopher with wife number two...

    Know another couple who had two girls named Rose Marie and Marie Rose.

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    Know a couple who has a son named Gunnar and a daughter named Hope...seems like opposite ends of the spectrum to me.

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    It must be so weird to have the exact same name as a sibling. Hopefully the two Christophers at least got their own middle names.

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    Siblings Ethan, Evan, Ellen & Eileen. Their middle names all start with the same letter too. :/
    Love my dog Zephyr <3
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    This is NOT a joke or made up - Last year my eldest went to a playgroup with a little girl named Tulisa - her siblings were (I'm seriously NOT making this up) Tinchy (brother), Shakira and Rihanna!

    Also now a sibset of Tillie, Millie and Willie. They think it's cute and no, it's not nn!
    Also know a ShaQuira, LaQrisha and Levontae, a set of Zephyr, Atlandria and Titus-Reks, have also come across a Babydoll Dikiny and Princess Joop (her mum named them after what she wanted them to be (?!) and her favourite perfume DKNY and Joop - creative if nothing else). And I've met a mum who barked out "Ioio and Dottie-Boo" (Ioio as in yoyo)

    I used to live in a very colourful area (and I mean that as in "colourful personalities"). When we had our youngest everyone was like "Omg ur sons name is so boring and common" - well, what wouldn't be next to Babydoll Dikiny and Tinchy!?

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