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    Charlotte and Charles going both by Charlie... Oh boy.
    I think their full names were Evelyn, Avery, and Ivory/Ivori. Just a guess, since you said you can't remember their "full names".
    Wow! Plain Dave next to Genevieve? That's like naming someone Tom and naming the sibling Josephine.


    Horrible ones are:
    Alexander and Alexandra
    Joseph and Josephine
    Stephen and Stephanie
    Robert and Roberta
    Victor and Victoria
    Justin and Justine
    Gabriel and Gabrielle

    When parents name their two children similar names like Eugene and Jean or something like that or like I said about Alexander and Alexandra... Or Eva and Ava or names that just sound alike. Kids are individuals, and shouldn't be treated like copies of each other. That's just like naming documents something like "Report1" or "Essay2"
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    I juat hope Christian goes by Chris and Kristen goes by Kristy...
    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    Christian and Kristen.
    It's not even a joke, when I was younger I knew twins named that, which sounded so dorky because the two names are so alike. Kristen is a boys name here in Denmark, so that just made it even sillier.

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    Some of these are just ridiculous!

    Worst I can think of at the moment are a sibset in my nursery called Kaycee, Kayla and Keira.
    Ava Aurora


    Axel Andrew

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    I have taught these siblings. In age order, they are:

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    I know someone with a Clarissa and Zaida. They have different mothers. Then he got married and had. Huntyr, Hailey, Haidyn, Hudsyn and Hannah. Yuck. Oh and I know twins named Timothy and Thomas. Yes, they go by Tim and Tom.
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